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Color Palette

10+ Useful Tools To Find The Perfect Color Palette

When designing a website or any other printed media a whole array of elements are vital to the overall look and feel of the project, if any of these aspects are incorrect or poorly thought out the project can suffer. Color is one of these important parts of design. When choosing color your initial reaction […]

Color Palette tools

Awesome Color Palette Tools For Designers

If you are designing a website, logo or any other design work, the most important aspect of the design is its color and color play a major role in how design is perceived by your audience. It always very important to chose the correct color scheming. There are several online tools for designers to pick […]

send large files

Websites to send large files to your clients!

Send massive Files services are nice for sharing files with “loose connections” as most of them need no registrations and configuration. However, compared FTP on-line file storage services they will not be as secure and reliable. For future and regular file sharing these services might so be value considering. That same it’s typically abundant easier […]

HTML5 books

15 HTML5 books to get started with HTML5

So you want to learn HTML5, but can not decide how? Well there are a number of ways of learning HTML5, via books, internet, designing classes or just by experimenting. But the best way according to me is my going through proper book to learn HTML5. In this article we have focused on 15 HTML5 […]

eBooks responsive web design

10 eBooks for responsive web design

After the induction of a number of new gadgets (Smartphones and tablets) the web designers were not able to rely on the standard size of 1024px, then came the solution of “responsive designs” and the designers started to work on this. Responsive web designs have become talk of the day and almost all the web […]

Advertising Networks

20 Mobile Apps to monetize your Advertising Networks

Today we have compiled list of 20 Mobile Apps to monetize your Advertising Networks. Mobile advertising has been quiet a fashion now a days. Advertising has made its roots quiet strong in past few years and reaching targeted audience has become easy. Mobile advertising has extremely low rates. Even though there are a number of […]

Smartphone Wireless Chargers

10+ Smartphone Wireless Chargers

Smartphones have taken over the mobile world with its sophistication and efficiency. But the most irritating thing about these phones is their battery time. These Smartphones no doubt are really easy to use and handle and they are extremely proficient but when its battery dies off they are of no use unless you recharge them. […]