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black white portfolio

35 Black and White Flash Portfolios

The black and white palette is considered to be the favorite art motif of many creative people, especially for their portfolios. Since glossy magazines and fashion shows started popularizing vibrant color schemes, black and white artwork has become associated with something classic and stylish. Many designers use monochrome solutions to showcase their work, even with flash based designs. Black and white portfolio websites have won the hearts of millions with simple and austere style, so they are in fashion year after year. ...

darkweb designs

50 Inspiring Dark Web Designs

Web design showcases are many and they’re a very popular way of getting new inspiration when you’re trying to be creative with your own work. This time we’ve once again looked through hundreds of designs to find some of the best dark ones. These succeed using dark palettes to capture the viewers attention. As you’ll see these darker designs can work really well with some stronger highlight colors or stand alone well. When having a dark website, the content many times stands out as much stronger and easy to focus at. As always we’d love to hear your feedback in…

Food Inspired Website

40+ Food Inspired Website Designs: Sweet & Tasty Inspiration

Food industry grows very fast and togher with it food web design industry as all new restoran, bar, cafe need good looking website. As in all web design sectors, in food websites also are trends: how informative it must be, must it be creative, colorful, simple blog or complex food order system. So for your […]

Ribbons in Web Design

Ribbons in Web Design: A Showcase

Ribbons have become a recurring trend in web design. Although this trend probably won’t die for a while, I think it’s more obvious to designers than normal internet users that the trend is becoming more wide-spread. Simply searching “ribbon” on Dribbble brings up 840 results! In the following compilation, I collected some of the best […]

call to action

30+ Effective Call to Action Button Designs for Inspiration

Here's a collection of fantastic Call to Action button designs and examples for inspiration. Call to Action (or CTA) is a marketing term used to describe a button, text, banner or image with it's main goal of getting the user to click on it to turn them into a lead and finally a customer. These CTA buttons have all been beautifully designed and showcase high quality skills when creating a Call to Action button....

Event Website Designs

Creative Event Website Designs

For many organizations that keep behind totally different varieties of events or exhibitions, as well as festivals or conferences, there comes a time once easy flyers, forums and ancient banner advertisements stop effectively operating. whether or not event becomes wide fashionable and it’s to supply rather more info than simply an easy transient description, or […]

Infographics Statistics

Infographics and Statistics in web styles

t’s a decent thanks to shed light-weight on done work and introduce potential purchasers to your prospects. Moreover, being well-thought, visually appealing and unassertive they’ll undoubtedly engender confidence. Take a glance at our assortment of internet sites that have integral infographics and applied math information blocks. Examples of Infographics and Statistics in web style 1-Aniversariotravesias […]