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High-Speed Photography

High-Speed Photography: 30 Fascinating Photography

High speed photography is a technique that photographers use to capture an action that happens in a fraction of a second. Imagine capturing a picture of a bullet going through a balloon filled with water; Even the fastest digital camera you could buy wouldn't be sufficient.Cameras can have a shutter speed as fast as 1/4000 of a second. Pretty fast huh? But not fast enough! At this speed, the bullet would certainly appear blurry because of its speed.Even though, if you had a very fast camera, you would have to press the shutter at a very precise time to be…

Japan Photographs

35 Beautiful Japan Photographs Collections

Japan also popularly known as the “land of the rising sun” is one of the most sought after destinations of the travel enthusiasts. This archipelago presents before the visitors a stark contrast between the traditional and contemporary culture. The resilience and ‘never give up’ spirit of the Japanese people has led this country to stand on its feet even after being devastated by the tsunami or violent earthquakes. And with that strong yet warm spirit, the citizens of this nation will welcome you to their country....

nude photography

35 Stunning Examples of Artistic Nude Photography

In the minds of many of us, nudity equals pornography. In this showcase I hope to prove that doesn’t have to be the case.Here I am bringing you a collection of stunning, strictly artistic nude photography.I have not purposely searched for black and white images, but the best artistic shots seem to very often be black and white. Also, I have tried to gather a selection of both male and female images, however, there is a much greater availability of artistic female nude photographs and that is reflected in this showcase....

Sunlight Photography

20 Best Sunlight Photography Showcase

Photography is an Art and A lots of people takes it as work. We have gathered a number of sunlight photography. These are very inspiring and breathtaking. You will find best sunlight photography showcase for inspiration here in this post. Fundamental, and yet very difficult to execute perfectly. The agonizing art of sunlight photography and photographers work truly reflects the commitment their makers have put into it. ...

hdr photography

Stunning High Dynamic Range Photography

In this post of Stunning HDR Photographs you will find very High Dynamic Range Photographs and this post is especially for HDRI photographers. High dynamic range imaging (HDRI or HDR) is used in photography to capture a superior dynamic range among the lightest in addition to darkest parts of a picture. Photographers continue to express […]

Liquid Art Photography

25+ Cool Liquid Art Photography

Ever felt like having a warm cup of coffee after seeing the coffee cup in an advertisement? Ever felt the rain falling like droplets on your head after seeing the picture of an ad for a movie? Ever felt the 3D effects in a photo clicked just randomly? Welcome to the world of liquid art […]

Excellent Photography

Examples of Super Excellent Photography

Previously we have compiled a great number of photography posts, which were specific for type of photography, but today we have kept things generalised. In this post we have compiled a list of 25 Examples of Super Excellent Photography. Photography is baically capturing the most precious or the most beautiful moments for future use. Sometimes […]