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SEO Tips for Web Designers

SEO Tips for Web Designers: A Guide to Beautifully Designed Websites

An eye catching and user friendly design is fundamental to any business trying to find online success, but a great looking website will go unnoticed if it doesn’t have a chance at good search rankings. Designers have a trained eye for the look and feel of a site and love beautifully designed websites. SEO firms on the other hand, love a great looking website with optimised content and code. ...

darkweb designs

50 Inspiring Dark Web Designs

Web design showcases are many and they’re a very popular way of getting new inspiration when you’re trying to be creative with your own work. This time we’ve once again looked through hundreds of designs to find some of the best dark ones. These succeed using dark palettes to capture the viewers attention. As you’ll see these darker designs can work really well with some stronger highlight colors or stand alone well. When having a dark website, the content many times stands out as much stronger and easy to focus at. As always we’d love to hear your feedback in…

Online Book Stores Design

Deconstructing And Understanding An Online Book Stores Design And Functionalities

It is the day and age of online readers, electronic books, pdf compendiums and Kindles. At the book store, I might buy a book on an impulse, but 9 out of 10 times, I come back home, get onto the internet and hunt for a bargain on various online bookstores. Such is the lure of […]

Hand Drawn Websites

40 Hand Drawn Websites for Your Inspiration

One of many designers most favorite design styles when it comes to the web is the hand drawn look. It’s the reason designers got a Wacom tablet for Christmas and have been personally adding hand drawn elements into as many designs as possible. It’s compelling, fun to look at and can add a unique touch […]

Music Background

15+ Creative Music Background Illustrations

One of the deciding factors that distinguish an attractive website from a not so attractive one is the background template. The templates of different genre of website are absolutely different from each other. Thus while developing a background of a website the developer needs to focus on the genre of enterprise it is and also […]

Food Inspired Website

40+ Food Inspired Website Designs: Sweet & Tasty Inspiration

Food industry grows very fast and togher with it food web design industry as all new restoran, bar, cafe need good looking website. As in all web design sectors, in food websites also are trends: how informative it must be, must it be creative, colorful, simple blog or complex food order system. So for your […]

Ribbons in Web Design

Ribbons in Web Design: A Showcase

Ribbons have become a recurring trend in web design. Although this trend probably won’t die for a while, I think it’s more obvious to designers than normal internet users that the trend is becoming more wide-spread. Simply searching “ribbon” on Dribbble brings up 840 results! In the following compilation, I collected some of the best […]

One Page Design

30+ One Page Web Designs

Here today we have compiled a post of One Page Web Designs. in one page web design you are supposed to put all your information, content, contact detail and all other things on a single page. But designing such a website could be a tough and challenging task. And if you succeed then you can […]