Photographs Choppers

40+ Photographs of Unique Choppers and Bobbers

If you look with the technicality of it a Bobber can be defined as a motorcycle that has all parts of it not contributing to speed removed. On the contrary it was some time later that somewhere in the 1950?s, some boys started chopping the frame and to modify the rake of the front fork…

Brand Identity Myths

Brand Identity Myths and Misconceptions

What is a Brand Identity In a market as competitive and saturated as it is today, one needs to extra careful about how the brand is perceived in the minds of the customers and potential customers. Appropriate mind mapping strategy has to be followed in order to reach the target market.

Bookshelf Designs

Creative Bookshelf Designs

Bookcases have been used for over centuries, with the love of books came the bookcases. A bookcase can help you keep your room neat; having heaps of books lying about is a disturbing sight and makes everything look so untidy. Apart from the neatness that a bookcase can get you in the room, it can…

Print Ads

15+ Minimalist Print Ads

Need to advertise through a print advert you will come across a setback, you cannot use animation and or other latest tricks that you can when designing an advert that will be posted on a website and viewed via screen, the possibilities in that very case are endless but in this case (printing) the possibilities…

to Get Clients

10 Ways for Designers to Get Clients

If you are a graphic designer and want to know of the effective ways in which you may obtain some freelance projects. We understand completely what you seek, and keeping what you wonder as our theme today, we have come up with the top ten ways in which you may achieve your goals as a…

joomla vs wordpress

Top 10 differences b/w WordPress and Joomla

Joomla and WordPress are both CMSs. For a fact Joomla came into being for the core purpose of content management; its design revolves around CMS, that is content management systems. To start with Joomla has been a source of rich set of features comparatively to WordPress. Whereas WordPress, designed to fill the purpose of easy…

Free Icon Sets

Free Icon Sets to Bookmark

Every web designer likes to have high-quality icons at their disposal. whereas making your own custom icons for your comes is AN choice, it’s seldom sensible. There square measure many quality icon sets obtainable for purchase, however luckily, there are some free icon sets out there with skilled quality. These free icons sets square measure…

Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

20+ New Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

Photoshop text effects area unit the proper choices if you wish to make cool and gorgeous text for your art work and style. mistreatment cool Photoshop text impacts will have a robust effect. Original and artistic effects won’t solely attract additional attention however additionally leave a additional profound impression on your viewers. If you’re aiming…