Package Design

Package Design Inspiration: 30 Beautiful Packaging Designs

Package design is very important these days and it has become a sales tool. Companies spend a lot of time and money on packaging designs so that the product should stand out from other competitors. Typography, illustrations and use of bright colors make the package look good. A good package design can really help boost…

Project Management

Top 22 Project Management and Collaboration Tools

If you are managing project plans in emails, spreadsheets and disconnected files, you are buried in routine work and stay in the dark about the projects status then this post is for you. You’ll find 22 Project Management and Collaboration Tools to help you facilitate remote/web-based collaboration. Worth checking out. Following are some basic features…

HD Desktop Wallpapers

45 Free Abstract HD Desktop Wallpapers

Today, we are featuring the best 45 abstract HD Desktop wallpapers that you can download and use as desktop wallpapers. If you do not want  to display as a desktop theme  then you can always use following  artworks as inspiration in making your own abstract designs.  Just click on the images to download higher resolution…

Black and White Business Cards Design Inspiration

30 Black and White Business Cards Design Inspiration

Why to design a business card with somany design elements and colors yet it can be very elegant and simple with just black and white.  Some times it is important to keep your card simple and straight forward.Here are some  30 simple an elegant business cards designs for your inspiration

WordPress Aggregator theme

Download WordPress Aggregator theme from Tamplatic

We released Livetwit – a free wordpress theme earlier to aggregate your twits on specific keyword / username has been well received by our users. On the same track, here’s another free theme that will aggregate all your feeds of all kind at once place in attractive format. Widget based layout – add as many…

Bloggers Icons

7 Free Bloggers Icons from IconShock

Bloggers Vol 1 Bloggers Vol 2 Bloggers Vol 3 Bloggers Vol 4 Bloggers Vol 5 Bloggers Vol 6 Bloggers Vol 7

Character Illustrations

20 Website Designs With Great Use of Character Illustrations

Website design is crucial element for successful online business. There are a lot of trends for web design. You can create minimalist website that will be very fast and simple or you can create it colorful that is attractive and visitors can remember this website. Often within these websites are used character illustrations and in…