Brochure Design Inspiration

25+ Brochure Design Inspiration

Mission of web3mantra is to give you inspiration about every thing related to design community. Today in our inspiration category we have provided you 25+ brochure design inspiration. Because we all know that brochure is important thing to design. 1- ZIMAT Brochure 2- TEX Carrefour 3- Hindenburg brochure 4- Virtual Water 5- Field Paoli Architects…

Free PSD Icons

Ultimate Collection of Free PSD Icons

There are lot of icons of every type are available on the web, But sometimes you want to use the icons which should match your wesite theme or logo color. So you are not able to use .png icons there because .png icons are un-editable. So keeping in mind about the restrictions of .png icons…

Logo Design

Logo Design Inspiration- Fresh Examples

As designing a logo is the most difficult task for designers. So to facilitate them we have continuously posted some really good logo designs on our blog. 30+ fresh logo designs are here for you….AGAIN!!

WordPress Plugins

Top WordPress Plugins

Looking for the plug-in from huge library of WordPress is not an easy task. And it become very difficult for the user at times to find the perfect plugin. so to make it easier for you, top WordPress plugins are here in the list for you! All you have to do is to download the…

Magento Themes

25 Magento Themes

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform it was launched few years ago, But in less then five years it is now very famous and people used it in their online stores. Today i have featured 25 best magento templates. In this list I includes some free and some high quality premium magento templates.

jQuery UI

Ultimate Guide about jQuery UI – Tutorials, Tips, Resources and Examples

jquery is very useful and popular new version of javascript. On internet you can find a lot of very cool and useful jquery tutorials and effects. You can just imagine is power with this fact that it is used in almost top 10000+ most visited sites. jQuery UI is basically jQuery user interface library. It…

HTML5 Video Tools

HTML5 Video Tools

In order to increase the speed of their websites many website designers and developers are now using HTML5 video players. Today i have published best of HTML5 video relating tools and players. In this list some plugins of wordpress related to HTML5 also included.

Coming soon WordPress Themes

20+ Coming soon WordPress Themes

When you want to launch your site or re design your site or your site is down then you will definitely want to update your website’s visitor immediately that your site will be up soon. The best choice to update your user is coming soon or under construction page. Many people call these pages as…