Typography Illustrations

40 Stunning Typography Illustrations

Today we have collected some great examples of typographic illustrations. Designers must have taken whole lot of time creating such designs with quality effects so if you are doing some typographic work this typographic illustration inspiration post is for you! Enjoy!...

Convert PSD to HTML

How to Convert PSD to HTML (20+ Tutorials)

Photoshop is the best image editing tool no doubt, But it is not only used for image editing. It is widely used for making website templates, But the main problem designers faced is to convert there design in to HTML. So today i have added some best and detailed tutorials which will teach you how […]

Android Wallpapers

50+ Android Wallpapers

Android is the most popular operating system for mobile devices. It is used by thousands of people and the main, Most important and customizable thing is wallpaper. That’s why today i have compiled huge list of android wallpapers. These all wallpapers are free of cost and easy to download and use.

Vector Backgrounds

30+ Free Vector Backgrounds

I know designers always need some good vector backgrounds to use in their print projects. Nowadays vector backgrounds also uses as websites background because it can not expand at any canvas. Keeping in mind about these facts today i have featured 30+ free vector backgrounds for you to download....

CSS Image Galleries

25+ CSS Image Galleries

Image gallery is basically designed to show images on your websites and i think image galleries is now becomes a part of more than 90% websites. People uses different image galleries based on different software or scripts. Today i have posted 20+ css image galleries because css images galleries are very light in weight and it loads quickly even on very slow speed internet....

Brochure Design Inspiration

25+ Brochure Design Inspiration

Mission of web3mantra is to give you inspiration about every thing related to design community. Today in our inspiration category we have provided you 25+ brochure design inspiration. Because we all know that brochure is important thing to design. 1- ZIMAT Brochure 2- TEX Carrefour 3- Hindenburg brochure 4- Virtual Water 5- Field Paoli Architects […]

Free PSD Icons

Ultimate Collection of Free PSD Icons

There are lot of icons of every type are available on the web, But sometimes you want to use the icons which should match your wesite theme or logo color. So you are not able to use .png icons there because .png icons are un-editable. So keeping in mind about the restrictions of .png icons […]

Logo Design

Logo Design Inspiration- Fresh Examples

As designing a logo is the most difficult task for designers. So to facilitate them we have continuously posted some really good logo designs on our blog. 30+ fresh logo designs are here for you….AGAIN!!...