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20 Responses to “Top Logo Design Contest Websites”
  1. J. Hendrix

    Thanks, lot’s of inspiration on these websites!

  2. Ryan N.

    Sites such as these under-value the work of true designers and are a disgrace on the graphic design community. Though one person may “win” a competition, hundreds, sometimes even thousands of others have wasted their time and energy in the process. I believe these websites should be ashamed of themselves for making a logo design seem so trivial and designers seem so common and desperate for work.

  3. Brad

    I totally agree with Ryan N… To be able to design a great identity isn’t about winning a competition… it is about getting to know your client and their business and creating the most appropriate solution. ‘Designers’ competing on these website won’t have a clue about what the client’s requirements are and hence will never be able to create the most appropriate identity.

  4. Cnadis

    I agree with Ryan. This just sets the value of all designers to a minimum. Everyone is working for free, which should never be the case. Any serious designers, should never enter these “contests”

  5. brut

    @Ryan, suck it up sweetheart. these sites are to designers what mp3s are to DJs

  6. robert90069

    These logo design contest websites are cheap and disgusting. Designers deserve to get paid for their time just like everyone else. It’s as if businesses just can’t wait until every single country is in the third world.

  7. scott

    I can not believe you feel comfortable writing this “hundreds of logo design concepts from different and best designers around the globe” to describe the content your showing. By simple nature of these sites your going to get the worst designers. you logo is your brand, its who you are, its how people perceive you. These sites trivialize business on both ends, the company’s need for a brand and the knowledge and years of education and experience that a real designer has. Thats right, having a computer and playing around with design software does not make you professional designer.

  8. Greg

    Great links. Mixed feelings. I know a designer though that’s gained more work with clients through winning these competitions. For myself though it gives me more work to put in my portfolio. I’m a book cover designer so the logo design work gives me a more varied portfolio. I also try to find freelance work but it’s hard to find. The logo design competition websites are a more immediate way of improving my portfolio, working with clients and improving as a graphic designer. I understand the frustrations of some designers but they will have to join these logo competition websites and compete. Some of the designs on these logo competition websites are exceptional.

  9. Mike

    Here is a new contest site seeking designers.

  10. zel

    here is a site with great logo designs at a low price

  11. Medical trials

    The entries were quite amazing. The creativity is really there. It really inspires me on doing my own great logo. I really should be doing it right now. By the way, thanks for this post.

  12. Business Logos

    Amazing how fast these logo contest sites have sprung up. It must be a profitable biz model as some of the former ‘custom logo’ firms have switched over.

    I’d caution anyone going this approach to make sure that the work they award the prize to is original and not copied to closely from other designs. You would have little recourse if it came to legal problems and your design contestant was somewhere in India or China.

  13. ang

    can anyone say how can i earn money from online by graphics design.i am a fresher.i have no idea about freelancing.i prefer logo design, raster to vector conversation and image editing .

  14. ishaan

    Cool post ! Thanks for sharing. Professionally logos can play critical role to a business success.

  15. Ahoban

    Nice post… keep it up…

  16. shane

    I liked the article. While some of the comments against this type of business make a fair point, you also have to consider from the consumers point of view as well. Yes, a great professional designer is worth it. The issue for myself lies in the fact that design is a very subjective thing. Having worked one-on-one with designers in the past, its easy to see where you can spend a lot of $$ with a designer who produces great work, but still does not capture your needs. You are left with accepting what is produced (understanding that changes are also done) or finding someone else. This allows one to look at multiple designs from designers and work with one that captures the essence you seek. Odds are, that a lot more work would be sent to the designer chosen for future work in my opinion. Its certainly a risk for those submitting designs, but we all take business risk..part of the game.

  17. Lucas Marshall

    This talk of devaluing the brand is rubbish. A brand is not a logo at all. The Coca Cola logo was done by an amateur, the Nike logo was done by a fresher. What happened was that these companies built their logo into a brand through marketing. Paying $0000′s for a logo is crazy, get your logo for $200 and spend the rest on building the brand.

    Designers sit in their ivory tower telling everyone how important they are and can write an identity guideline book that tells us to the mm, where the logo must go. They can explain the deepness of the imagery and colours used. What they cannot do is turn this into a brand that has value. So they should get down and accept that justifying large fees is no longer acceptable for what is basically a well crafted doodle that may or may not survive the test of time.

    Good designers embrace this new era, face the challenge and prove they are good at their jobs by entering and winning. I suspect that many of those who complain, have entered in the past but have simply not won. What a bash to their egos.

  18. Stefan

    Very good!

    The screenshots are helpfull. It´s a good benefit for our customer relationship.

    thank you…

  19. Graham

    From a consumers point of view, the process is not just hold a contest, pick a winner to pay.

    There is a good chance that it will also include…. Have a sign made for your building, print stationery, publish some advertisements, decal your delivery vans and create packaging for your inventory.

    Then 6 months later receive a cease and desist letter from the company the logo was plagiarized from, contact the company running the competition and find that it’s not their responsibility to police the competitions – ask for the name of the designer, get an email address for and find his paypal account is closed.

    Find yourself liable for damages over the use of a copyrighted logo (or worse – trademarked logo), remove all items with the offending logo, have retractions printed in publication where you ran ads stating that you are not affiliated to the company that owns the logo and finally settle out of court pay the damages and pay the legal bills.

    There is a reason you hire someone for this type work – even if its a fresher – accountability

  20. James Richardson

    It is very nice post. Thanks for sharing the post.

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