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8 Responses to “20+ Best WordPress Widgets”
  1. Sebastian

    I got here by Design Newz Feed and i am not amused :(
    Well the idea is good and you may did a good research.
    But the Download “Links” do nothing! Also you should add some pictures, so the reader gets some eyecandy.

    Sorry for the bad words…

  2. sweet bunny

    nice widgets collection ..very useful for bloggers

  3. Steve

    Good widgets add ons, some I had not seen before, thanks

  4. Webmaster

    Great collection of widgets, thanks for that! :)

  5. Bogdan

    On position 16 you used one of my images (of Traffic Counter Widget) but some other plugin… If you want the real deal you can download it from here: :) . This other plugin has lot less functionality than mine…

  6. Mindscape Web Designs

    great list of widgets! Im curious to see how mini mail works

  7. Michal

    How about a free shoutbox on ?

  8. Thanks very much for this page. I can use two plugins immediately.

    Dave Marchione

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